Days 48 & 49: auld lang syne

With summer school over and some of my classmates preparing to head back to their home countries, it was nice to get a visit from two former classmates from days gone by.

Mattie and Susan, both fellow Georgetown Law grads, came to Iceland for a week of fun and adventure.  We got to spend an afternoon touring the Golden Circle, where we were treated to (among other things) a complete drenching by the geyser Strokkur when it erupted three times in less than a minute.*  Here are a few photos:

* In honor of comments made by fellow classmate Chris F., this is now known as getting “the full Berlusconi.”

3 thoughts on “Days 48 & 49: auld lang syne

      1. I hope so too! I am lucky enough to see them in my home in Canada quite often, but it will be so neat to see them in another country and see if they give off different displays in Iceland! Can’t wait for the adventure!


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