Day 62: a light in the sky

The best camera is the one you have with you.

Just after sunset, I was out taking a walk in Fossvogsdalur, the small valley that straddles the boundary between Reykjavík and Kópavogur.  Part of the sky seemed to glow a bit, and then a ribbon of light coalesced overhead.  I didn’t have my Canon SLR camera (aka “the big rig”) with me, but I did have a very nice compact Olympus that I carry quite often, and got some shots of the aurora.

Most of the photos were incredibly blurry, because the shutter had to stay open for four seconds and I had no tripod.  The best shots were taken balanced on the railing of a bridge crossing the little stream at the bottom of the valley.  The reflection on the water added a little zip to the image, I thought.


The light show didn’t last long, but I’m told it’s pretty unusual to get a visible aurora until September or October … so I’ll just be grateful I was out when it happened, and had a camera handy.

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