Days 64-70: finding x

The Western heroic narrative is of the protagonist who fearlessly battles tremendous odds and emerges triumphant.  I’m still stuck on the “fearless” part — and it’s not working.

I’m staring at about a bazillion equations I don’t understand in my energy tech class (which I’ve nicknamed Formulas on Parade), and slogging through an economics homework assignment that is taking a remarkable amount of time to complete for something worth only 2.5% of my final grade.  Fortunately, the professors seem willing to help a math-challenged soul like myself work through it and it’s beginning to make sense.  I think.

My geothermal surface exploration class is still wildly fascinating, but we’re now moving into geophysical exploration methods, which mainly involve looking at the way electromagnetic fields change over time at a given spot on the Earth’s surface and trying to infer from that what’s going on underneath.  Even more math is involved, and I’m beginning to suspect one of my erstwhile classmates (a fellow with an engineering background) may be on to something when he said “I would argue that you are not qualified to be doing this.”

Well, duh.  That’s why I’m studying.  But I hope I haven’t bitten off more than I can chew.

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