Day 92: one down …

This was the last day of our class in surface geothermal exploration.

The final exam consisted of questions posed by a group of experts from ISOR, the Icelandic geosurvey company, covering geology, seismology, geochemistry, and geophysics.  Each student had their turn individually, seated at a conference table with the experts gathered on either side asking questions and follow ups.  It was a friendly questioning, but you really had to know your stuff.

The questions mainly focused on theory but also touched on its real-world application: they included, for example, not only questions about why certain readings could be expected at a given site, but also how to collect data there, what further exploration might be valuable, and so on.  One of the experts seemed determined to find out the extent of what each student learned, starting off with “I have just one more question …” and then “I have just one more question … ” and continuing in that manner until he found something the student didn’t know.  The exam was very different from the written tests I was used to as an undergrad and in law school, but it was quite thorough.

And now that’s a wrap, and on to the rest of the semester!

If a spider bites me now, will it have the powers of a grad student?


Cover image: Seltún geothermal area, looking toward Kleifarvatn lake in southwest Iceland.  Image credit: author.

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