Day 103: imagine

Each year, on the day of John Lennon’s birth,  Yoko Ono comes to Iceland.

John and Yoko. Image credit: Allan Tannenbaum.

Each year, she lights the Friðarsúlan, the Imagine Peace Tower, in commemoration of her husband’s life and death.  The tower of light, based on Viðey Island in Kollfjörður, just offshore from Reykjavík, is lit from October 9, John’s birthday, to December 8, the anniversary of his death.

It’s a beautiful tribute in a peaceful place to a man who shared his dreams of peace with the world while he was here.


Image credits: author, except as otherwise specified.

2 thoughts on “Day 103: imagine

    1. I’ve asked that question here and been told he didn’t. Her decision apparently was based on the fact that Iceland epitomizes many things John would have liked: peace, preservation of nature, and a commitment to human equality.


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