Days 131-137: the Universe is cracked; the Pandorica will open; Yuletide will fall *

One thing about living overseas: you miss some familiar holidays, and get to celebrate some new ones.  In Iceland, for example there’s no Thanksgiving Day in November.  If you want to eat yourself into a coma, you need to wait for Sprengidagur (“Bursting Day”), which comes in late winter – typically in February or March.

You do get Christmas, though, and while there are some decided differences between the holiday as it’s celebrated in Iceland and in the United States, there are also similarities.  Christmas lights are traditional in both countries.  And in Iceland, no one complains if you put your lights up before Thanksgiving, like the folks who own the home where I rent my apartment did – so you get to enjoy them a little bit longer without anyone spoiling the fun.


*  Cover image: Christmas lights seen through ice crystals.  With apologies to Amelia Pond and the Doctor.

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