Day 198: bed bath & bird

I’ll be doing an internship this semester, which means occasionally dressing up.  That means doing a bit of shopping for home items, primarily an ironing board.

There are probably lots of home furnishing stores in Iceland, but the only one I’m familiar with is called Rúmfatalagerinn (which translates more or less as “the bedding inventory,” but in context I think is closer to “the bedding warehouse”). There are several at various locations in Iceland, including a couple close to my home, and they are eerily familiar: their inventory and overall floorplan is almost exactly like a U.S.-based Bed Bath & Beyond store.

You can’t miss the bird.

The only problem is pronouncing the name — so I christened them “Bed Bath & Bird.”  If you ever find yourself looking for an ironing board (or a towel or a pillow) in Iceland, now you know where to go.

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