Day 37: who’s got the power?

Here’s a technical question raised by the lectures in our introductory class at Reykjavík University: given Iceland’s natural resources, would it be correct to say that Icelanders have access to virtually unlimited power? Here’s a lawyerly answer:  well, it depends. Iceland sits atop a rift in the surface of the Earth where two continental plates are slowly… Read More Day 37: who’s got the power?

Day 18, pt. 2: on the road again – Snæfellsnes

Yes, I know: technically, the Snæfellsnes peninsula is part of Vesturland, the western region of the country.  But it’s such a distinctive part, showcasing all kinds of different terrain and landmarks, that it’s been given the nickname “Iceland in miniature.”  At the far western end is Snæfellsjökull, the nearly mile-high volcano that Jules Verne used as the starting… Read More Day 18, pt. 2: on the road again – Snæfellsnes


On November 14, 1963, a new island emerged from the waters. The crew of the Icelandic fishing trawler Ísleifur II saw the huge column of smoke and ash from miles away.  Believing it to be another vessel, perhaps on fire and sinking, they set out to render aid and rescue the survivors if they could.  When they arrived, they found the… Read More Surtsey